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War Propaganda in the “Alternative” globalist “anarchist and leftist” outlets and think tanks

Devious war propaganda is exchanged between globalist "alternative" outlets and "activists" supporting directly or indirectly the western-led aggressors against the Syrian people. One of the most infamous groups are the "moderate" mercenaries and jihadis of the "Free Syrian Army" (its flag appears in the photo)

We post below extracts from an interesting article on the role of the globalist “left”, i.e. several “alternative anarchist” and “leftist” outlets and thinkers of the kind of Chomsky vis-à-vis the wars of the Transnational Elite (TE) in Syria, Libya, Yugoslavia etc.. The premise that “The real propagandists are the …

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Transnational Terrorism


TAKIS FOTOPOULOS * (29.09.2014)     Abstract This article attempts to define a new phenomenon: the form that state terrorism takes in the era of globalization. It is shown that transnational terrorism is, in fact, today’s state terrorism against the victims of neoliberal globalization and its main weapons are either economic …

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