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1. Предыстория: Война началась в 2014 году, а не сейчас! Долгожданное общее наступление транснациональной элиты (Τ/Э), то есть экономической элиты, которая доминирует в глобализации, сейчас в самом разгаре. Эта атака на последний бастион сопротивления глобализации, Россию, началась в 2014 году, а не сегодня — как утверждают некоторые, намеренно незнающие историю …

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Покушение на Дугина в рамках общей атаки Транснациональной Элиты (автор Такис Фотопулос)

1. Жестокая попытка убийства Дугина, да еще в центре Москвы, которая сегодня является главным врагом Транснациональной Элиты (Τ/Э), не случайна. Даже если она не достигла своей цели, т. е. убийства самого теоретического Евразийства. То есть теоретического и политического течения, которое (независимо от его относительно узкого географического определения) проектируется как основное …

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“Exit the EU Now!” The speeches of Takis Fotopoulos and Arthur Scargill on Brexit

Takis Fotopoulos and Arthur Scargill in the public meeting of SLP

In a truly working people’s gathering on October 15, the desire of the victims of globalization in Britain for immediate exit from the EU was vividly expressed. Takis Fotopoulos took the chance to present the analysis of FNSL (Fronts for National and Social Liberation) / Inclusive Democracy about the stake …

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France Vs Venezuela: The double standards of the Transnational Elite (Neil Clark)

Comment Antiglobalization web portal: We reproduce below the article of the prominent British analyst and journalist Neil Clark (initially published in Russia Today on the 7th of February), which makes a very succesful comparison between the outrageous propaganda of the Transnational Elite’s media concerning the recent crucial events in France …

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Arthur Scargill’s statements on the betrayal of Brexit by the Labour Party and Takis Fotopoulos’ response

Arthur Scargill’s statements on the betrayal of Brexit by the Labour Party and Takis Fotopoulos’ response – (18.01.2019)   17.01.2019 – Arthur Scargill’s * statement on Jeremy Corbyn’s betrayal of Brexit “Jeremy Corbyn’s statement that any discussions with the government will only take place provided that ‘no deal’ is taken …

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The aims of the criminal bombing of Syria by the Transnational Elite and globalization – Analysis

Takis Fotopoulos (17.04.2018) The dramatic events of the past weeks and days, which came to a head with the criminal NATO bombing of Syria during the early hours of Saturday 14th April (so as not to create unwanted disturbances in the stock market!), are very likely to have major consequences …

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The hypocrisy of the elites about inequality within the New World Order of neoliberal globalization

Comment: We reproduce below one of the latest articles by the well known British analyst Neil Clark, who, although a honest liberal rather than a radical “Leftist”,  he managed to show much better than those with Left credentials the hypocrisy of the elites in their stance towards extreme inequality which is plaguing the …

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Barry Seidman’s interview with Takis Fotopoulos for “Equal Time for Freethought” radio show on “The New World Order in Action”

Introduction The following interview with Takis Fotopoulos by Barry Seidman, together with his first interview for Equal Time for Freethought more than nine years ago, mark the two most important stages in his writing work: the first one with reference to the project of Inclusive Democracy he developed in the 1990’s and …

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Brexit, Trump, the AfD and the ‘New World Order in Action’

Neil Clark (30.09.2017)   Surprised by the Brexit vote in the UK, the victory of Donald Trump and the strong showing of the far-right AfD party in the German elections? Well, you won’t be, if you read the extremely thought-provoking new book, The New World Order in Action, Globalisation, the Brexit …

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