FNSL: The Historic victory of Brexit could mark the start of Liberation of the European Peoples and beyond

FNSL  initiative: FRONT FOR NATIONAL AND SOCIAL LIBERATION – 25/06/2016 – www.antiglobalization.org

  1. June 23rd 2016 is the day that may change history. The British referendum was a terrific slap in the faces, not only of the Euro-elites (or rather Euro-bums!), but also the whole Transnational Elite (TE) and the neoliberal globalization that it administers. A New World Order that has already pushed billions of people around the world (including the British) to economic and social degradation, or physical extermination through the wars unleashed during its rule (from Yugoslavia to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Ukraine).
  1. It was a terrific slap because the British people did not buckle, despite the brutal campaign by the TE to force them, using all means at the TE’s disposal, including the mass media controlled by them. Even the war criminal, Nobel Peace laureate Obama, was mobilized to go to London to declare that Britain will suffer disaster if it leaves the EU, while the equally criminal Tusk (who, after having organized the murderous coup in Ukraine as prime minister of Poland, was rewarded with the Presidency of the European Council!) spoke about a possible destruction of Western civilization following a Brexit!
  1. In addition, the bankrupt international “Left” that is fully integrated into the New World Order of neoliberal globalization (the globalist “Left”, such as Corbyn’s Labour Party, Syriza and Podemos, as well as the globalist “Left” media “stars” of the sort of Varoufakis and Chomsky in the service of the various Soroses) shamelessly misled the people by saying that the EU can be improved from within. This is something that curiously never happened, even with socialdemocrats of the stature of Mitterrand and Lafontaine in power and is therefore unlikely to happen now with less renowned EU puppets like Tsipras and Iglesias.
  1. At the same time, the “antisystemic Left” on one side mislead the peoples of Europe by saying that movements for national and economic sovereignty rising throughout Europe, including in Britain, are composed of “racists” and “right-wingers”. The other side of the “Left” stagnates while they wait for an anticapitalist revolution before they feel they could ever demand the exit of each nation from the EU. A similar movement arising in the European South speaks for “disengagement from the EU” without uttering a single word about the struggle against the EU being a struggle against globalization. This is, therefore, the class issue par excellence at present: peoples’ economic self-reliance and the need for respective geo-strategic choices (exiting NATO, forming alliances with countries that resist the New World Order, etc.).
  1. But who really are the “racists”, “right-wing” and “nationalists” that the bankrupt “left” speaks of and the so-called intellectuals, (mostly EU funds beneficiaries who staff the nightly news programs). It is the same “economists” and “intellectuals” who have been going out every day to herald a British catastrophe, relying on the pseudo-left “alternative” media of the Guardian type.) are brainwashing people about? Are the 52% of the British population “racists” and “right-wing”? No! They are a majority composed overwhelmingly of working class people, unemployed people, zero hour contract workers, the poor people that are fed in soup kitchens, ill people who wait in long queues in a collapsing NHS. And who is the 48%? Isn’t it primarily the beneficiaries of globalization in the middle and upper classes, or even many apolitical young people who are just seeking to cling to the system, by earning a degree, or some crumbs from EU research programs?


The British people’s achievement is astonishing and  June 23rd is a revolutionary day that can lay the path for the National and Social Liberation of the British people, and open the way for the peoples of Europe and beyond to cast off the yoke of the New World Order of neoliberal globalization.

We are striving today to build Fronts for National and Social Liberation (FNSL) in every country subservient to the New World Order. The European peoples could create local cells of National and Social Liberation in every community and municipality of their country with the aim to organize direct democratic local demotic assemblies. These assemblies would send delegates (not representatives) to regional and national federations with the aim to implement the aims of a strategy for economic and political Self-Reliance such as the ones proposed by the FNSL initiative.


FNSL  initiative for Popular Fronts of National and Social Liberation – 25/06/2016

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