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The attempted assassination of Dugin as part of the Trasnational Elite’s general attack. (Takis Fotopoulos)

1. The blatant attempt to assassinate Dugin, even in the very center of Moscow–which today is the centre of the Transnational Elite’s (T/E) greatest enemy –is neither accidental nor coincidental. Furthermore, It is very important, even if it failed in its goal, i.e. the assassination of the leader of theoretical …

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Obama and the ideology of globalization

TAKIS FOTOPOULOS * (20.06.2014)   Obama’s recent speech, at the West Point Military Academy, fully confirms the ideology of globalization, as I have repeatedly described it in this column. As the war criminal (Libya, killer drones, Guantanamo, etc.) and Nobel Peace Prize winner stressed in his speech, America is not …

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