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The attempted assassination of Dugin as part of the Trasnational Elite’s general attack. (Takis Fotopoulos)

1. The blatant attempt to assassinate Dugin, even in the very center of Moscow–which today is the centre of the Transnational Elite’s (T/E) greatest enemy –is neither accidental nor coincidental. Furthermore, It is very important, even if it failed in its goal, i.e. the assassination of the leader of theoretical …

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Greece between Scylla and the EU – Takis Fotopoulos’ video interview to Pravda

  The complete transcript of the interview can be found here : “Is there a way out of the crisis within EU? The case of Greece“ This interview was broadcast live on the English Pravda.ru online television station on 26 February 2015. Takis Fotopoulos speaks to Galina Tichinskaya about the …

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Is there a way out of the crisis within EU? The case of Greece, the role of BRICS & the need for an alternative pole

By TAKIS FOTOPOULOS and GALINA TICHINSKAYA *   (26.02.2015)   (The following is an edited transcript of Galina Tichinskaya’s interview with Takis Fotopoulos for Pravda.ru[1])   GT: Welcome to Pravda. This is Viewpoints program, with me Galina Tichinskaya. Today we are joined by Takis Fotopoulos, a political philosopher and economist, …

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